What is Crizal Lenses, How they Work, Advantage Where to buy in Bangladesh?

What are Crizal Lenses?

Crizal is a brand of eyeglass Lenses made by the Essilor Group in 1992. The Lenses surface is treated with a unique covering that permits them to repulse water and oil. This shields them from scratching and smirching. It additionally goes about as a protect against UV rays.

Crizal Lenses treatment can be applied to the most lenses and prescriptions, including progressive and Transitions lenses.

How Crizal Works

A great many people depend on shades to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. With Crizal, Essilor tracked down an answer for UV assurance in an unmistakable eyeglass Lenses.

In 2012, Essilor developed a rating system that actions how well a reasonable Lenses protect UV rays. The adequacy of the Lenses is reflected with an E-SPF: eye-sun insurance factor.

The avarage E-SPF given by clear Lenses goes from 2 to a limit of 25. Colored Lenses, including shades, have an E-SPF of 50+. Crizal Lenses with UV insurance have an E-SPF of 35 – 10 focuses higher than the most assurance given by the normal clear Lenses.

The reserved Crizal covering is applied to Lenses to protect against smudging and scratching. Standard Lenses have a hard coat in particular, are handily damaged and offer practically no UV insurance. Lenses outfitted with the Crizal covering stay cleaner and give more honed, more secure vision.

Crizal Lenses have gotten the Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation for their UV assurance. They have additionally gotten the Good Housekeeping Seal, which mirrors an item’s trust and fulfillment.

Types of Crizal Lenses and their advantages

Designers have adjusted the innovation behind Crizal to meet the different inclinations of glasses wearers. Each Crizal Lenses type keeps up with a similar master level of value and clearness to give without a doubt the most keen vision.

Crizal Sapphire 360° UV – This treatment is known to give the best clearness. Multi-precise innovation lessens reflections from all headings. This limits glare, offers upgraded UV assurance and gives better evening driving.

Crizal Prevencia – Crizal Prevencia Lenses sift through destructive blue-violet light from digital screens. Be that as it may, they permit accommodating blue-turquoise light through.

Crizal Rock – These Lenses utilize reserved High-Resistance Technology. This guarantees the most solid, scratch-and smirch safe Lenses. They additionally repulse residue and water.

Crizal Alizé UV – Lenses stay cleaner longer with the most significant level of smirch obstruction. This guarantees clear, interruption free vision with added UV security.

Crizal Easy UV – Crizal Easy UV consolidates the advantages of sturdiness, scratch opposition, simple cleaning and UV protection, all in one Lenses.

The sort of Lenses treatment that best suits your way of life and vision needs will be prescribed to you by your eye specialist.

Where to buy Crizal Lenses in Bangladesh?

While Crizal Lenses covering must be applied to new Lenses, the treatment is broadly accessible inside the U.S., as well as globally. In Bangladesh you can find the original crizal lenses to the Essilor Authorized Sellers. You can check for any kinds of Crizal lenses.

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