Chopard is a renowned luxury brand known for its exquisite timepieces, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Their titanium eyewear collection, including titanium frames, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and elegance.

Titanium is a popular choice for eyeglass frames due to its exceptional properties. It is lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, and corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal material for everyday use. Chopard’s titanium eyeglass frames combine these practical advantages with the brand’s distinctive design aesthetics.

Chopard’s titanium frames often feature sleek and sophisticated designs, incorporating subtle details and luxurious finishes characteristic of the brand. Whether it’s a classic silhouette or a more contemporary style, Chopard’s eyewear designs exude timeless elegance and refinement.

Product details

Chopard VCH1O26K Rimless

Size: Temple: 56
Brand: Chopard, Japan
Color: Shining Gold
Gender: Unisex
Frame Shape: Square
Frame Material: Pure Titanium
Frame Type: Rimless
Packaging: Original
Manufacturer Warranty
for Frame: 1 year

Product License
The Product information, we have given here is the exact information that we got from Manufacturers, suppliers, or importers and we have not verified it. But We assure that This product is a Executive Quality Product and it is 100% Imported..



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