Original Anti Blue Lenses, Bangladesh

Ophthalmologists often recommend that patients have ANTI BLUE glasses if they need to have their eyes examined. Many ophthalmologists believe that wearing glasses with ANTI BLUE lenses protects our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and has some benefits when working on a digital screen. Similarly, many physicians feel that ANTI BLUE lenses do not work at all. So, what is the true?

First we need to know what is ANTI BLUE glasses?

These lenses have a layer called blue light filtering coating. However, such lenses are usually more expensive than ordinary spectacles lenses, with an ANTI BLUE spectacles lenses costing at least TK. 1,000. It could be much more than that, depend on brand. If you want Crizal Prevencia, then price will be four times higher than mentioned price. There are several anti blue lenses brands in the market that make these types of lenses.

If the glasses are not properly checked at the time of purchase, it can be counterproductive. This is because of the fact that there are many stores that offer ANTI BLUE spectacles but provided duplicate one which is anti reflective coating.

Do ANTI BLUE glasses have any benefits at all?

Excessive sun exposure to the sun can irritate the cornea or dry out the cornea. This can cause eye irritation and redness. In addition, there may be a type of eye disease called perisium in medical terms. This causes the conjunctiva of the eye to fall like a screen, which can lead to various problems.

One type of eye disease is called myopia, which causes many people to move around the cornea of ​​the eye like a tiny black dot all the time, in medical parlance these spots are called floatus. People with flotus problems are advised to use ANTI BLUE glasses.

People who work long hours sitting in front of a digital screen, if they use these ANTI BLUE glasses, the pressure on their eyes is not relieved in any way.

ANTI BLUE glasses are primarily used to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. However, in the name of ANTI BLUE lenses in the spectacles store, so that patients are not deceived, many physicians recommend using transparent glass goggles or sunglasses if necessary.

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