Low Quality Sunglasses: Can Damage Your Eyes

Sunglasses are one of the common fashion accessories. Harmful sunlight damages the skin as well as the eyes. Sunglasses are very useful to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays. There are usually three types of sunglasses according to the type of color. Glass sunglasses of the same color, light and dark shades of the same color or shades of two colors and mercury color. Of these, sunglasses with light and dark shades are the most popular. Sunglasses are more popular in terms of color.

Every year new types of Sunglasses come in the market. It is not possible for everyone to buy those glasses judging by the quality. Because the price of branded Sunglasses from renowned brand is also higher. Many people do not pay attention to the quality when buying new types of Sunglasses. Especially do not pay attention to the quality of the glass being used. He bought the glasses after seeing the shape of the frame.

But the low quality glasses that are used in Sunglasses are very harmful to the eyes. Recently, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have warned against using low-quality Sunglasses.

Disadvantages of using low quality Sunglasses

Low quality Sunglasses use low quality plastic instead of fiber and polycarbonate. If you wear these glasses for a long time, you may get cataracts in your eyes. Many people suffer from corneal dryness. Low-cost Sunglasses can exacerbate this problem. Wearing such Sunglasses can change the power of the eyes. These can also cause various types of eye problems. However, wearing low quality Sunglasses can cause even greater damage. A recent study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that low-quality glass or plastic used in Sunglasses increased the risk of cataracts.

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