Home Try-on, a new trends to buy Online Eyeglasses in Bangladesh

Looking for a good frame for glasses? Or a fashionable sunglasses? You must go to a famous store But if you do not have enough time to buy online ৷ We are at NineOptic.com right next to your door.

If somebody want to buy prescription glasses online, many of them will get confusion whether it will be right or wrong. Because It is a matter of eyes looking as well as the matter of prescription lenses. Normally doctor advice to follow their instruction to the patients to buying spectacles from their well-known store. But now, you can depend on online eyewear store without any tension, because nineoptic.com is here for you. NineOptic.com is the only eyewear portal in Bangladesh that arranges a  trial in your home or office before buying prescription glasses online. Nineoptic provide home trial for not only just for spectacle frame, but also for exclusive sunglasses. There are some other online stores for eyecare product, that only offer to sell eyeglasses online. We know, buying glasses online in Bangladesh It’s actually a risk, because peoples are still not aware about the spectacles size. Another thing is the glasses frame should match with the face. Also customers needs to check the sunglasses, eyeglass frames, eyewear accessories before they buy. That is why Home Try-on is the best possible way to buy glasses online in Bangladesh.

In very near future, nineoptic.com will arrange Home Eye Checkup in Dhaka city, which means you don’t have to go to the doctor anymore. The doctor will come to your house and see your eyes and give you the necessary advice. Right now, nineoptic.com is doing free corporate eye checkup in Dhaka area in various kinds of office. Nineoptic team is going at workplace and do the eye exam.  According to the prescription, your spectacle lens will be made and delivered to your home You can buy not only glasses but also contact lenses in the same way.

There is also a live chat system in our online eyewear store. If you have any questions about this topic, you can find out by talking directly to the customer care staff at the store. In addition to glasses, you can also buy only frames online However, there are different types of spectacle frames.

The quality also depends on the material So before buying glasses, you should know all the information about the spectacle frame And you can take the help of home trial offer if you want. The team of nine optic will appear with a certain number of frames as per your choice. You can choose the frame of your choice with the trial sitting at home. You can also buy sunglasses of different famous brands online But before buying, get to know all the information about the frame and sunglasses and the material of the lens And at the end of the day, get to know our excellent return policy well.

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