Free Corporate Eye Test at Nitol Insurance Company Ltd.

Corporate eye tests are performed on employees within the actual business premises of the employer. It allows employers to meet their health and safety regulations.

Working hours upon end on VDUs may cause visual fatigue and stress especially if the appropriate visual correction is not being used when needed. šŽš”š‘ š…š‘š„š„ š‚šŽš‘ššŽš‘š€š“š„ š•šˆš’šˆšŽš š’š‚š‘š„š„ššˆšš† is designed to protect employees who habitually use visual display units (V.D.Uā€™S) as a significant part of their working day. organized a š…š‘š„š„ š‚šŽš‘ššŽš‘š€š“š„ š„š˜š„ š“š„š’š“ for all employees of renowned ššˆš“šŽš‹ šˆšš’š”š‘š€šš‚š„ š‚šŽšŒšš€šš˜ š‹š“šƒ. The program was held at their head office on 8th August 2022 and more or less 100 employees were examined by doctors. About 80% of them were diagnosed with refractive error and prescribed for the Glasses.

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