Exciting Investment Opportunity – Join the Visionary Journey of NineOptic

Dear Investors,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. My name is Khurshid Zaman, and I am the proud founder of, the first Bangladeshi online startup revolutionizing the eyewear industry through our innovative e-commerce platform. Today, I am reaching out to you with an exceptional investment opportunity to be a part of our mission to make vision correction accessible to every citizen of Bangladesh.

Since our inception in 2017, NineOptic has witnessed remarkable success, rapidly establishing itself as a prominent eyewear brand in Bangladesh. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and a customer-centric approach have enabled us to serve over 20 thousand happy customers and achieve profitability within just one year of operation.

In Bangladesh, nearly 100 million people require vision correction through eyeglasses, yet only a mere 10% of them have access to these essential products. This stark disparity has compelled us to embark on a compelling mission – to make high-quality eyewear affordable to people from all walks of life across our nation.

Our proven and profitable business model has witnessed tremendous success stories in various regions, but Bangladesh was devoid of an effective solution until NineOptic’s arrival. Consumers in our country yearn for better value propositions beyond the confines of traditional brick-and-mortar experiences, and NineOptic is uniquely positioned to cater to these demands.

Our vision goes beyond being just another eyewear retailer; we aspire to be the quintessential reference in people’s minds when it comes to purchasing contact lenses, sunglasses, and eyeglasses online in Bangladesh. By combining the convenience of e-commerce with an unwavering commitment to affordability and quality, NineOptic has emerged as a trailblazer in the eyewear industry.

Currently headquartered in Dhaka, we are now poised for expansion into other major cities across Bangladesh. The potential for growth in eyewear e-commerce in our region is vast, and we are excited to capitalize on this opportunity.

To achieve our ambitious expansion plans, we are seeking strategic investors like you, who share our passion for making a profound impact on the lives of millions of people. Your support and partnership will play a pivotal role in propelling NineOptic to new heights of success.

Investing in NineOptic offers numerous advantages:

  1. High-growth industry: The eyewear market in Bangladesh is on the cusp of exponential growth, with the potential to become a cornerstone of the e-commerce revolution in our nation.
  2. Proven track record: Our rapid path to profitability and the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers exemplify the strength and potential of our business model.
  3. Social impact: By making vision correction accessible to all, your investment will contribute to enhancing the overall quality of life for millions of Bangladeshis.
  4. Expert team: Our dedicated team of professionals possesses a wealth of experience in the e-commerce and eyewear sectors, ensuring optimal execution of our expansion plans.
  5. Market leadership: As the pioneering online eyewear retailer in Bangladesh, NineOptic is poised to take the lead in this lucrative market segment.

We believe that an equity partnership with you would be mutually beneficial, bringing together your strategic insights and financial expertise with our relentless drive for excellence. Your investment would help us accelerate our marketing efforts and establish offline stores in major cities, paving the way for unparalleled growth and market dominance.

I cordially invite you to join us on this visionary journey and witness firsthand the positive impact NineOptic is making on the lives of countless individuals in Bangladesh. Together, we can reshape the eyewear landscape, fostering a future where vision correction is no longer a neglected health condition but a basic right accessible to all.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss this opportunity further or to address any queries you may have. Thank you for considering this proposal, and I look forward to the prospect of working together to revolutionize the eyewear industry in Bangladesh.

With warm regards,

Khurshid Zaman Founder,
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01715 846007

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