Exchange Your Old Eyeglasses with a Brand New One

Are your eyeglasses too old? Does it need to change? It may need to be changed, but you may not be able to buy a good pair of spectacles frame right now. Because we all know Covid 19 has put us in a bad situation where we can’t afford to buy anything needed if we want to.

No worries, the season’s top offers are piling up at Nine Optic to give its clients a fresh brand new look. Presently renovate your look from old eyeglasses to top brands and get back up to 50& Cashback on your order. Go to now and enjoy this limitless offer.

To get this offer, bring an old set of specs and make a buy at the Nine Optic store or on the web and after that, you will get qualified for a 50% cashback coupon, which can be utilized on the order. This offer will be applicable to all Eyeglass/Sunglass which are renowned brands. This offer will not applicable for free category frames or low budget frames… Go to Nine Optic and look at the terms and conditions.

Other Exciting Offers to Avail at NineOptic:

  • Now get your first frame free ( for new customers) and only have to pay for lenses.
  • Premium eyeglasses with buy 1 get 1 free offer are starting TK. 4500 onwards.
  • Premium Sunglasses with buy 1 get 1 free offer are starting TK. 4500 onwards.
  • Customers can purchase two UV protection sunglasses from over a thousand styles for starting price of TK.399 onward.
  • Now try frames at home for free or try 1000s of looks in an instant
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