Corporate Eye Exam: New way to Improve Vision Correction in Bangladesh

What is Corporate Eye Exam?

Corporate eyecare are eye tests that are performed on employees within the actual business premises of the employer. It allows employers to meet their health and safety regulations. It’s a fantastic way to improve vision correction for employees from the various corporate offices.

Why Corporate Eye Exam Needed?

Vision issues, like dry eye, fatigue, or headaches from eye strain, can be significantly minimized or even eliminated. On the employee side, almost every participant left the screening more knowledgeable about how to maintain eye health. Additionally, vision exams can help uncover refractive errors and address them. In Bangladesh, peoples consider eye disease not a big deal for health. This is really unfortunate as the eyes are the most valuable body part for a human.

Benefits of Corporate Eye Exam

A corporate eye test at work is a rewarding benefit for employees. Regular eye checkups not only keep eyes healthy but also can catch early-stage health issues such as diabetes, glaucoma, etc.

Main Reason

There is a disease, it happens as people get older. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Especially those who study, work in the office or in low light at night, they do not look good. Then he came to the doctor and said, ‘I can’t see. This is actually a reading problem. They are afraid, as they get older, they feel like they are going blind. This is called press biopia. In addition, the cataracts of the eyes often seem blurred.

Our main problem is that we are very unaware of the eyes. We do value all diseases but do not go to the doctor for eye treatment. We have different excuses. We don’t have time or go after a few days, or lack of money, etc. The problem comes to the fore when it comes to eye treatment. Different surveys are proven that overuse of digital screens can lead to blurred vision at the age of 30. But we do not use glasses and do not go to the doctor for an eye exam.

Corporate eye exams are basically for people who spend most of the day in the office and work in front of digital screens. Harmful blue lights emitted from digital devices are currently causing serious eye damage but they are not aware of this. We will also work to raise awareness of these issues through corporate eye examinations.

Where will these activities be conducted?

The answer is that in all the offices where there are more than 50 employees, we will conduct a corporate eye examination and it is completely free. is the first and only startup in Bangladesh to have started this program. If you are interested to perform free corporate eye exams in your office, please feel free to contact us.

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