Branded eyeglasses shop in bangladesh

Want to Buy eye glasses frame? But you Can’t decide where to buy, right? Because there are thousands of optical shops around you. But none of them are faithful. Their words and deeds do not match. Till today, from whereever you bought the glasses, you could not satisfied. The value you have given, you did not get the similar value product. And This is the original senario in Bangladesh optical market.

If you got cheated from everywhere, no problem. Now you are at best place. We NineOptic is here for you. We started selling eye glasses frame and prescription lenses through online over the 5 years and till now we have around 10,000 deal with our happy customers. Because, our products and services, both are premium quality. We are exceptional online shop for eyecare product for many reason.

Our unique service is, we have made arrangements to give try at home before making the decision to purchase glasses frame from the online and we are the only online portal in Bangladesh to give such support to the customers. For example, if you like a pair of glasses frame online, now you want to give it physical trial. But the problem is your home at Dhanmondi area and our office is Uttara. So how is it possible? No problem, just make a call to us. We will make it possible by sending our team with the eyeglasses frame you choose for purchase. You can make the trial at your home. There are no limitations to this trial. You can give trial as many times as you want until the fit frame to your face.

We are the only company in Bangladesh that sells original spectacle frames from many renowned brands. You will find various famous brands of spectacle frames and prescription lenses in our online shop. We have excellent exchange and return policy. We are constantly selling brand new glasses. We have excellent promotion offers for students and other customers, who could not efforts good eyeglasses with a good prescription lenses. Any student or any needy customers can take our free frame offer if they wish. In that case he has to pay for the lens only.

Therefore, you can trust Nine Optic in all aspects as your eye care partner. We are not saying we are the best, but we are confident. Take a look at our service, inshallah I can tell you that you will be satisfied. We have the best quality Titaniam Frame, Metal Frame, Acetate Frame, TR90 Frame, Designer Frame, 18K Gold Frame, 23KGP Gold and Silver Frame along with original frames of various famous brands in our online store. Just visit once

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