Be a Part of a Great Work: BUY ONE-GIVE ONE

The people of Bangladesh give the less importance to eye diseases. This situation for all classes’ people from rich to poor, or village to city. The reality is that, the people of Bangladesh still do not consider eye disease as a disease. This is really unfortunate. The vision problem of Bangladeshi people is really high.   Almost seventy people affected out of hundred peoples.

Bangladesh is still an underdeveloped country, where millions of people still live below the poverty line. For them, buying eyeglasses and using them is like an extra expenditure. Lot of peoples have vision problem, but they do not go to the doctor for eye checkup because they do not afford to buy eyeglasses.

Especially poor farmer, rickshaw pullers, truck drivers, residents of various old age homes, residents of orphanages, security guards of different houses,  poor school and college students are not seen going to the doctor for eye exam.

Various online eye care startups in different countries of the world have launched Buy One, Give One programs for this category of people. Under this program, if a client orders frame or glasses, a power spectacle is donated to the needy people on behalf of that customer. This is a wonderful initiative and through this program million of poor people’s use glasses for free.

We,, an online startup in Bangladesh and we sell eye care products like spectacles, shades, contact lenses, prescription lenses etc. We have already launched the Buy One Give One program like the other eye care startups in different countries. We so far distributed more than 300 power glasses among the poor for free. It’s just the beginning. Our goal is very big and we dream that through this program will benefit millions of poor people in Bangladesh who have vision problems but cannot buy the glasses.

If you know any such needy people around you, who need a pair of power glasses, send him/her to us with a prescription. We’ll give him a pair of power glasses for free.

We give this donation is fully on behalf of our customers. You can be a part of this great program by purchasing a frame or a power glass from

Thank You.

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