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Essilor have been planning and making a huge range of lenses for over 170 years. They set of experiences started in France under the name of Société des Lunetiers, a frame making brand that started getting lenses and frame processing plants to trade items everywhere. The name ultimately became Essilor in 1972, and from that point forward they have kept on spearheading inventive forward leaps in lenses innovation. From the production of the world’s first varifocal lenses, the group at Essilor make arrangements that are customized explicitly to customers life, age, side interests and visual requirements. Everybody’s vision is unique, and their advanced innovation has permitted them to oblige for this, making upgraded vision more open.


Essilor lenses and other optical arrangements are intended to address, secure and improve your vision. Made through development and long periods of exploration, essilor lenses can stay aware of your way of life effortlessly. You get the opportunity to get to Essilor lenses through essilor nominated opticians. We are happy to introduces ourself a a essilor nominated seller in Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently we are leading to sell Essilor lenses in Dhaka. We developed many customers situated around the country and they are abosolutely happy with our services. We also happy to announce that, currently we have home service facility during this pendemic situation. We send our optician to the clients home to take their pupilarity distance for the multifocal essilor lenses. Just contact us will assist you with finding best Essilor lenses ever. For what reason


Our accomplice opticians are altogether autonomous practices that are important for their nearby networks. By going along with us, they have focused on offering you the most ideal eye care administrations, with cutting edge hardware and lenses to assist you with seeing plainly and serenely. Our Essilor accomplice opticians will actually want to offer you an extraordinary scope of lenses choices, including varifocals, single vision, photochromic lenses, energized lenses and the sky is the limit from there. We likewise have a scope of lenses coatings that you might find at your Essilor accomplice optician’s training, ideally suited for ensuring your lenses remain scratch free and have extra defensive components for UV light and reflections. However, it’s not just with regards to the lenses. Our Essilor accomplice opticians will approach optical instruments that permit them to do more precise and inside and out eye evaluations. This implies they can offer you a more exact solution for more honed, more clear vision, as well as early showing for eye conditions. Assuming that you’re searching for the best ESSILOR PARTNER IN DHAKA, just knock Nine Optic.

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