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Nine Optic Offering the best quality products at affordable prices as well as they offer Home Try-on before by glasses online. Its helped customer to buy glasses online easily.

According to the feature and services, Nine Optic is the best Eye care portal in Bangladesh, because they have some unique services, which made them really best.

According the Brand, Nine Optic offer their best possible price for their consumers. They have also free frame offer for the first purchase.

Althought there is no brand restriction in Bangladesh and their is lots of replica products sell in roadside shop, but Nine Optic sell some good branded spectacles. Visit their website for more details.

In my opinion, you can take a chance to Try on-home before buy from them. Because, in Bangladesh, peoples are not aware about the size measurement of spectalces. After Home try on, you can make the decision.

Yes, Now Nine Optic take order from Europe and America. Shipping time 10 to 14 days by international express delivery. Shipping cost in customer account.

Khurshid Zaman is the Founder of Nine Optic. He founded in 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a non technical person, but has good skill in ecommerce. 

Zero power glasses are otherwise called computer glasses. These glasses are particularly not quite the same as prescription glasses as they have no power, and they are explicitly intended to diminish the eye fatigue related with PCs, cell phones, tablets, and TVs. 

Yes ! Nine Optic is one of the best Essilor Glasses Seller in Bangladesh such as Crizal, Crizal Prevencia, Crizal Sapphire 360 UV, Crizal Anti fot, etc.  

Yes, Nine Optic is the nominated seller by Essilor Luxottica. 

In light of my own experience, I would agree that Nine Optic is superior to Dukpeon. Frame and Lens quality is obviously better in Nine Optic than Dukpeon. I have glasses from both the brands yet I routinely use Nine Optic glasses.

Do you think NineOptic is overpriced ? Not in any way, they cost it very great and as it’s been said ‘they are procuring by eliminating the mediator’ and I emphatically have faith in that. It is one of the best beginning up’s in Banglaesh who had supported and have an incredible future ahead

The Nine Optic Blu Cut Lenses absorb the blue light and the harmful Ultraviolet Rays. You can Trust them. Because they sell good quality lenses.

Crizal lenses have a special coating on them that makes them anti-reflective and resistant to scratches. … Anti-reflective coating. Nine Optic is the Authorized Crizal Seller in Bangladesh.

Yes, Nine Optic has Cash on Delivery system and you can Pay cash on delivery for all your purchase from Nine Optic. 

Very Simple. Go to their website. Select the frame you want to try on home and contact with their team.

According to the users experience, The blue cut lenses is the best as peoples are spending more times on digital devices. 

He is founder of and he is directed this business. is a Leading contact lenses seller in Bangladesh and they have most of the famous brands. Ego vision is the number one brands in Bangladesh. 

If you using contact lenses, definitely you should wear the best one for your eye safety.